Dancing Through Life

This is more than just a great song from the Broadway hit musical "Wicked", this is a metaphor for my life! As the first couple weeks of 2019 have gone by, I have been thinking about dating and courtship. After a year of not being in the dating game I have been working out how … Continue reading Dancing Through Life

First Week Out

***Taken from a blog post I wrote April 2015 Some people might be wondering what happens after college graduation. Well, I was offered a full-time job and have been working as a social worker! But I would not have gotten this far without a lot of people, so I want to take a post and … Continue reading First Week Out

When You Accidentally Fall in Love

***Taken from a post I wrote February 2017 Ahhh...love. What a weird emotion. Work with me here, think about it. People talk about falling in love like I talk about falling down the stairs at my high school graduation. They talk about it like it just happens, like they have no control over it. WHAT … Continue reading When You Accidentally Fall in Love

thank u, next

Oh gosh, man I have basically been writing this post for the last five years. But here we are and I am finally articulating it! Well, part of it. The goal is to start writing about this more and opening up about it. So back in 2011 I had this idea of how my life … Continue reading thank u, next