She Is: Luna-Bean Bellatrix-Part 2

If you are just starting to read, this is part two of a three-part segment all about my journey with anxiety. If you haven't read the first part, I would encourage you to go back and read part one- I Am: Anxiety. So a little over a year ago I was put on a mood … Continue reading She Is: Luna-Bean Bellatrix-Part 2

I Am: Anxiety-Part 1

Okay! Today is the day! I have been wanting to share my story about my anxiety for a minute, but couldn't quite figure out how to approach it. But it is currently 3:30AM, and I haven't gotten more than a couple hours of sleep for the last four nights-naturally an ideal time to get clarity … Continue reading I Am: Anxiety-Part 1

Waiting for a train

Okay I quote Inception all the time by saying, "You're waiting for a train..." and tend to just let the line drift off after that. But in reality, aren't we all waiting for something? To quote the great Dr. Seuss in Oh The Places You'll Go: So take a second and think about what you … Continue reading Waiting for a train

Someday My Prince Will Come

You ready for a really vulnerable post? Ready or not here it comes! So I have been "in the dark place" as Merideth Grey would put it for the last little bit. And I've been doing some lying to myself and the people around me in hopes it would protect me. But that only lasts … Continue reading Someday My Prince Will Come

Letter in a Bottle

If you could write a letter to someone, roll it up, place it in a bottle, and send it out to sea with the knowledge that no one would ever read it, what would you write? I was thinking about this while I was at the beach looking at the waves. So I started writing, … Continue reading Letter in a Bottle

“Be Fabulous, Darling”

So I basically had my dreams come true when I met Edna Moode at Disney's California Adventure. There are a few reasons that I love Edna Moode, and why meeting her was one of the coolest moments to me. 1. She is bold and daring. When Mr Incredible first goes to Edna to get his … Continue reading “Be Fabulous, Darling”